Sunday, 31 May 2015

Meet Vancouver-Based Swimwear Designer - Julia Church

For over a year now we have been following the unfolding of an inspiring concept that is Nettle's Tale Swimwear Inc. The message is simple: Don't just accept yourself, but sincerely love yourself. Vancouver-based designer, Julia Church, hopes to empower woman via her line of swimsuits, thoughtfully designed to accommodate the diverse range of body types that women actually have.

As you can imagine, we were more than thrilled at the opportunity to have a personal fitting with the woman behind the Magic Bottoms.

Julia Church (left) with Melanie Hull (centre) of MH Jewellery. Just a short year after the launch of Nettle's Tale, Julia and Melanie have co-opened a boutique, Neighbourhood  Quality Goods on Main Street, Vancouver.

We had a fantastic chat with the young and vibrant entrepreneur. She's bright, energetic and super easy to talk to. Oh and so witty! Here's the lowdown:

Instagram or Facebook?

Saturday night or Sunday Morning?
Saturday night! 
(mischievous grin)

What items can be found on you at all times?
A well-fitting bra, of course!
Oh you good, Julia!

What word makes you cringe?

What smell do you love?
Bohemian Body Butter from Harlow Skin Co. available at Neighbourhood!
Yumm! We'll take one too, please.

What did you last take a photo of?
The new shop, of course!

The new shop: Neighbourhood, is a light and airy space that brings Julia's love for
fashion and the Pacific Northwest together with Melanie's Scandinavian heritage.

Julia fitted us with, not one but two versatile, maternity friendly bikini sets. More on that to come!

In the shop, Julia and Melanie plan to feature a new selection of West Coast makers each month.

See the amazing pieces that Julia picked out for me here

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