Friday, 10 June 2016

We Had A Roaring Good Time With Forever Yours Lingerie!

We're often asked if talking about fashion and lingerie feels superficial. Are intimates really that important when it comes to all the other stuff that women have to deal with? Ask any of the hundreds of women who benefit from Forever Yours Lingerie's Supportive Start Initiative and they will tell you about the value they receive from having clean undergarments that fit, especially when job interviews and food on the table are a priority. Never, as individuals, have we had an opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of so many women. We are proud to have the opportunity to raise awareness of this inspiring fundraising program.

This year's fashion show benefitting Supportive Start was an exceptional evening of entertainment, from which 100% of proceeds were transferred to the charity. Forever Yours Lingerie owner, Sonya Perkins, rallied tremendous support from community, vendors and volunteers to put together a spectacular show and 1920's themed extravaganza. It's Been A Roaring 20 Years was not only a celebration of 20 years in business, but also a celebration of the strength and beauty of every woman.

Supportive Start was founded in 2014 by Forever Yours Lingerie owner, Sonya Perkins. The program provides women in need and in transition, across the Lower Mainland, with intimates and toiletries. Sonya and her team of volunteers provide fittings at shelters and recovery houses. Attendees leave with new and gently used undergarments generously donated by customers and vendors. The charity has worked with more than 20 organizations and provided over 1,000 bras along with kindness, compassion and dignity to local women in need.

One organizer said, “I witnessed a couple of ‘fit clinics’ at the Rainier and was thrilled at how empowering these events were for the residents.  Not only did our residents receive new, properly fitting undergarments but they left the clinics feeling proud of their bodies and they had a very needed break from the stress of the world.  The fit clinics were always a high light of the year.” (Quote from here.)

Donate your gently used bras here.

The evening was Golden Age perfection. Exuberant art-deco details transported us to a more glamorous era. Guests arrived in their Gatsby-best;  flapper girls not a  Marcel wave out of place. They were greeted by a speakeasy, the sweet jazz sounds of Rossi Gang and Charleston dancers.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes strutted their stuff with confidence across the catwalk. This has been true of every FYL event we have been to. Body positivity is not just a theme or an aspiration, it's reality and it is inspiring every time. The entertainment didn't stop between sets! There were even Burlesque performances by award-winning, performer The Lady Josephine.

Of course, the lingerie was to die for. Can we please take one of each?
Carefully planned ensembles were embellished with lavish headpieces and whimsical bustles.

(Shop the show here.)

Fun and games off the runway included the game of War, Bra Pong and a Balloon Mistress. Many of the games were sponsored by popular lingerie brands. Once again funds raised from the sale of game tickets benefit Supportive Start.

Representing Chantelle, Tanya volunteered her time at Bra Pong.
The Spinning Wheel was sponsored by Empreinte.

With the lovely Janet Abe.
(Read Janet's review of the 2015 Night at the Carnival here.)

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