We're two girls sharing the things that pique our interests. Let's call it coffee-talk about the beautiful, the delicious and the inspiring. This chat frequently involves some soundboarding about shoes, fashion, and life (…did I mention shoes?). It can lead to life-changing results. Ok. Maybe not life-changing, but we are certainly left with a smile. And we know that you've got to get them in, where they fit in. Especially in this world of constantly increasing complexity and ever competing demands.

We invite you to join us here and hope that you can take away the same.

Why Calliope & Clio?

Two of nine Muses in greek mythology, they are believed to be the inspiration for literature, sciences and the arts.  We have chosen them to be symbols of this space of inspiration that we are trying to create. … aaaand, we love the ring of it!

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  1. Ladies! Thanks so much for sharing the #ISNxDigitalDarlings print collection on Twitter - so sweet of you to spread the word and Im glad you enjoyed it :)
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello - had a quick look through your posts and love the wit you bring to the table!! We'd get along well. Maybe see you in on of my Photoshop Bootcamps?


    1. Hey Bria! Pleasure meeting you (virtually ;))
      The prints are fab, and we're more than happy to share!
      Of course, I've been eyeing the PS bootcamp...we may be seeing you sooner than later..


  2. I ran across your beautiful Lux Sleepwear last year online & regret I didn't buy it at the time. Now I really want to get some, wear can I find it?? Alice from Utah

    1. Hi Alice,
      It turns out that Lux Sleepwear has closed the business. Their sets were great!
      Our current cozy faves are by Fleur't, their signature fabric is super soft. You should try them :)


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