Friday, 22 January 2016

Meet My New Bestie

Chantelle's High Impact Multiway Sports Bra is a serious lifesaver for the larger breasted gal. That's coming to you directly from my size 36G breastfeeding bosom.

With all the holiday bliss behind us and a new year ahead, most of us have put to paper a plan to get active. For me, it's a plan to start shedding those post-baby pounds. Now that Baby J is giving me some sleep, my plan is to run. Running is my thing- it's good for my body, but more importantly, it does wonders for my soul.

High Impact Multiway Sports Bra by Chantelle in Light Gray and Lipstick.

Having been down this road before, I know that the right gear is a key to success. A well fitting bra is as essential as well fitting footwear. For me that bra has to accommodate my newly found 36G breasts. Even though I'm mentally ready to hit the trails I still have the boobs of a breastfeeding mama and bounce is a real issue!

Any of you ladies larger than a C cup know what I'm talking about. Regular sports bras from sports stores feel like bandages binding my chest. Discomfort aside, most do nothing to control painful bounce. As a result most high impact activities are out of the question.

New for SS16 - Raspberry.
(Image via here.)

Not so with a bra that is designed with full busted women in mind, specifically for high impact activity. Chantelle's Multiway Sports Bra offers the freedom to run, jump, skip or do whatever it is that makes you sweat!

This bra covers more of the d├ęcolletage than most. I am guessing that contributes to holding the girls in place without the need to bandage them down. Instead the moulded cups with underwire offer full and comfortable support. Cups run from C to H. Bands from 30 to 42.

Another detail I love about this bra is a J-hook in the back which allows it to be switched to a racer back style instantly and ups the support factor immensely.

J-hook in Black and Turquoise.
(Image via here.)

The smooth and sleek look of the bra, with contrast stitching detail is in keeping with the esthetic one would expect from a french lingerie brand. To me it makes sense that an established maker of bras would make the perfect sports bra as well.

In short, I am absolutely in love with this sports bra. I can't wait to pick it up in raspberry this spring (shown above).

Do you have a fave sports bra? I would love to hear about it!

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