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A Hospital-To-Home Bundle For Baby

Putting together a beautifully coordinated Hospital-to-Home bundle for Baby-Bear was a really fun part of preparing for his arrival. I was looking for the essential layette that baby first uses and wears home from the hospital. A jumper, hat, footwear, bib, burp cloth and washcloth. Of course, "cute + cuddly" was a must! I was pleasantly surprised to find a vibrant community of local makers who had just what I was looking for!

Scouring the internet, the baby bundles I found were mostly pink for girls + blue for boys. I didn't know if Baby-Bear was going to be a boy or girl so the bundle had to be gender neutral. Some marginally cute bundles were available internationally but they turned out to be ridiculously pricey with exchange, import duties and shipping considered. I thought to myself, "There has to be a better option!'

So I made one.  I have hand-curated a luxe, modern, completely organic and locally made bundle of special items to bring Baby home with. I hope you love it as much as we do.

Clockwise from left: Numpfer 'the must have multi-use bib', Vonbon Apparel Knotted Hat,
Little Citizens Sleeper, Minimoc Baby Moccasins, Vonbon Apparel Blanket.
Center: The Bagworks Laundry Bag.
Background: Little & Luxe Fitted Crib Sheet.

Super-chic, black and white organic cotton pieces, by local maker Jennifer Wilson, set the tone for a modern and gender neutral palette. (More modern Vonbon Apparel pieces I fell in love with here.) Vonbon Apparel's very functional and fashionable adjustable Linx Knotted Hat and oversized Black Petal Blanket were a perfect start to Baby-Bear's bundle.

With her super-mom suit on, Jennifer designs her premium garments to be both sustainable and stylish. Here's a little more about this fab, Vancouver mum-preneur:

Real life addiction? 
It’s a three-way tie between Instagram, Periscope and Ice Vanilla Lattes. I could do all three everyday!

Saturday night or Sunday morning? 
It used to be Saturday morning until I had a baby. Now I revel in Sunday morning snuggles with the two loves of my life.

Red or White? 
There is nothing like an ice cold glass of Pinot Gris while sitting on a patio on a warm summer evening.

Most recent addition to your lingerie drawer?
Who are we kidding here?? I haven’t bought lingerie in over a year. Naked is the new lingerie!

Little Citizens Black XO Sleeper is everything! It is perfect for baby's sensitive skin, made with 100% cotton and non-toxic, water-based inks. Equally as important, this sleeper conveys my sentiments exactly, "Hugs and kisses all day long!"

(Photo Credit: Sarah Jane Photography.)

Mom, designer and maid by day. Wife and foodie by night. Owner, Jenny White, began creating her collection of refreshing and on-trend pieces shortly after the birth of her daughter, Stella. What else is fantastic about this super-mum?

Real life addiction?
Coffee, candy, wine, pizza and fresh flowers.

Red or White?
White in the Spring & Summer. Red in the Fall & Winter. Did I mention that I love wine?!

What smell do you love?
The smell of a baby. Its something I miss so so much!

Most recent addition to your lingerie drawer?
Bralettes. I'm obsessed with them! Might have something to do with me finding any excuse to not wear a real bra.

The right footwear elevates a look. This is just as true for littles as it is for their mamas. Minimoc baby mocs do just that, taking an already cute baby to absolutely adorable - imagine a pair for every outfit!

(Photo Credit: Sarah Jane Photography.)

Amanda Penner, Minimoc overseer, is that enviable mama! With an unlimited supply mocs today, she began by making custom gifts for the babes of friends.  Amanda, let's be friends!

Saturday night or Sunday morning? 
I am not a morning person - Saturday night!

What word makes you cringe?
I cringe every time someone writes they are glad to be "apart" of something. A part.

What smell do you love? 

Most recent addition to your lingerie drawer? 
Full coverage panties. Thank you pregnancy.

Numpfer's 'must have multi-use' bibs really have become a must have for me. I don't leave home without one. This wash cloth, burp cloth, spit-up catcher is an amazingly soft organic, terry cloth that loves a new baby's delicate skin.

Sarah Robbins, mom and entrepreneur behind Numpfer, donates partial proceeds from every single silver-trimmed bib sold to BC Women's Newborn ICU. This amazing lady also helped to raise over $50,000 via 'Sip and Savour', a tasting event benefitting the BC Women's Newborn ICU. Sarah, you had us with the bibs, but I am sure that every mom is grateful for your commitment to this very special cause.

Real life addiction? 
Hmmm... probably my daughter. I can't get enough of her. She is just so great and watching her change, learn and grow is something that never gets old. I think I am most addicted to being there for all her firsts. 

What items can be found on you at all times? 
Pearl earrings.

Sweet or Savoury?​​ 
 I flip flop on this one but usually like them together. For example, I just made dark chocolate nut bark sprinkled with Maldon salt.

Saturday night or Sunday morning? 
I would like to choose both. Its important to have adult time & conversation with friends and my husband on Saturday night and i love Sunday morning family time. 

What smell do you love? 
The smell of the British Columbia forests. I love the smell of trees.

Most recent addition to your lingerie drawer? 
A sports bra. If that doesn't count than some really pretty bras from Diane's on South Granville months ago...

Background: Little & Luxe "Love Letter" Organic Cotton Knit Crib Sheet.
Meet Little & Luxe Creator and Mom of three: Lindsay Wilson.
(Photo Credit: Sarah Jane Photography.)
Custom Organic Jersey Laundry Bag, The Bag Works.

Stacey Wakelin is the final fab mama to contribute to our Hospital-To-Home Bundle for Baby. Her company, The Bag Works employs and trains underprivileged members of the community in the manufacture of bags. Based out of Langley, BC,  The Bag Works makes bulk and custom bags that are ethical and local.

Wouldn't you just love this bundle for your new button, or that of a friend? 

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