Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Step right up!

A Night at the Carnival, with all the dazzle of a big-top performance and a sexy twist was a big crowd pleaser. Calliope & Clio was lucky enough to be front row for all the fun.

It was with a bit of excitement and anticipation that I headed to A Night at the Carnival, hosted by Forever Yours Lingerie at the Cascades Casino. I felt a lot like a kid heading to the PNE for the first time. I really didn’t know what to expect, would there be games and cotton candy? How could I not be excited, I mean, who doesn’t love a carnival? A sexy, grown-up carnival. With wine. Now we’re talking.

The event was a spectacular affair that lived up to every promise; emceed by suave ringmaster, The Purrrrfessor, and featured hula hoop artists, burlesque dancing and tap dancers that proved Kix'ies are a girls best friend.

The carnival themed fashion show featured not only professional models, but some of us regular-sized girls too...
Freya Deco 'Spotlight' Plunge Bra + panty
Meow! Shirley Cotton-Sateen Leopard Corset, paired with Kix'ies
Shirley of Hollywood Venice Corset
Viva la Paris! Prima Donna Twist 'A La Folie' T-Shirt Bra
Even the Strong Man was showing off his Saxx Boxers
Let's all go to the Lobby! Great pin-up girl outfits were a theme of the night. 
Cupcake anyone? Lets not forget all the lovely volunteers that helped make the night perfect. 

The carnival themed fashion show featured not only professional models, but some of us regular-sized girls too, which is definitely a confidence booster to see them strut their stuff down the runway. The games on the “fairway” such as Bra Pong and a lingerie version of Plinko were huge hits, and of course no carnival would be complete without a kissing booth.

All of this big-top fun was in benefit of a great cause, Supportive Start. 

Supportive Start is the brainchild of store-owner Sonya Perkins who founded the program in the Spring of 2014, when she recognized a need for impoverished and homeless women in the lower mainland to have access to properly fit bras, new panties, and toiletry items. Since its inception the program has given hundreds of bras to local outreach organizations, through “fit clinics” where women in need are measured for the bra that best fits them.

This is the second year that Forever Yours Lingerie has hosted a lingerie fashion extravaganza, and they just keep getting bigger and better. If you missed out on all the fun and games not to worry, with Forever Yours Lingerie’s 20th anniversary in 2016, I’m sure next years event will be amazing! In the meantime, to donate to Supportive Start head to Forever Yours Lingerie to drop off your clean and gently used bras. For more information click here.

By Janet Abe: Marketing and communications consultant, with over 15 years of experience in design, event management and magazine publishing. Striving to make the world a more interesting place one day at time with a love of fashion, art, and all things design. Follow Janet on Twitter and Instagram.

Don't miss out on this year's show! Ticket for The Roaring 20's available here.

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