Friday, 4 March 2016

And in Milan, this happened...

An abundance of creativity inspired by lingerie at Milan Fashion Week. It's difficult to decide where to begin. Dolce & Gabbana...Bottega Veneta...Prada...

You may have thought that the lingerie inspired looks from New York and London were just a passing fancy - think again. The Italian set brought underpinnings to the runway in full force. If Milan Fashion Week is any indicator of fashion trends to come, then underwear-as-outerwear may very well reign supreme in Autumn/Winter 2016!

Dolce & Gabbana paid tribute to corsetry with fairytale-esque charm.

Bottega Veneta showed some very wearable dresses with bra-like structure tailored into the bodices.

Waspies, in unexpected fabrics, were a staple at Prada's presentation. 

(Images via here.)

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  1. Oh my god! As expected Milan Fashion Show was jam packed. All outfits showcased were adorable. I have never attended any live fashion show but would love to attend the coming one at one of iconic venues in Chicago. I am so excited for it!


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